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  • GLHF Supplements
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The most vital element to a competitive edge in gaming – or anything else for that matter – is focus. It's the most important thing, but it's also in the shortest supply, followed closely by jitter-free “smooth energy.” If your mind and reflexes are as sharp as your drive, your score will soar. 

In the past, gamers sought their edge from garden variety, hi sugar, high caffeine, and energy drinks. Many soon realized that rather than getting an edge, they just got edgy. The hunt was on for high-quality, sugar-free, alternatives to random gas station energy drinks to get the optimum competitive edge. GLHF is the answer.

In addition to our proprietary formulation of cutting edge nootropics for laser focus; smooth, jitter-free energy from buffered caffeine; and a state-of-the-art energy support formula of key vitamins and amino acids, GLHF is the first energy/ focus formula to address hydration. 

Most of America is chronically dehydrated. To make it worse, most of America is also addicted to caffeine – a known diuretic. Adequate hydration is critical for optimum neurological and brain function. Dehydration can affect hand/ eye coordination and cause “brain fog.” 

Coconut water, known as “nature’s sports drink, is naturally low in calories, super hydrating, and with more potassium per serving than four bananas to help counter the diuretic effect of caffeine and help keep your reflexes and nervous system firing. 

Focus, energy, and hydration will put you at the top of your game. GLHF gets you there. 

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